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How would you respond to this statement?

"I can accept the fact (or possibility) that beyond my beliefs and all beliefs of all other persons there is a vast reality not imaginable or comprehensible by humanity."

There are many superb opinions on TED; some seemingly from writers who are absolutely convinced their view is absolute. However, can any human being say with absolute certainty what is real? We know math works, but values and ideals?

And who can say for certain just how large is the Cosmos and say for sure what activities are real or say for certain what is not real beyond our collective knowledge of the Cosmos.

What say all?


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  • Jan 9 2012: I believe the courses of our lives are dependent on the numerous decisions we have to make everyday and so long as we are required to make decisions everyday, there needs to be a tool to help us decide what is right and what is wrong or what is best for us and the tool is "logic". Hence, in my opinion, everything can be reduced to numbers to allow us to determine which number is better for us. In other words, I am saying that values and ideals is no different as well. Then again, what are regarded as values and ideals today may not be tomorrow.

    As regards the question of whether we will know with certainty what is real, to my mind, we are just resources in a ecosystem that is evolving, just like a frog egg evolving into a tadpole. Ask each of the cell in the egg, what is the ultimate output of its work, it will not know; each cell does not even know which part of the tadpole it will end up becoming, let alone knowing that it will be part of the tadpole

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