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Meaning of life

Isnt the idea that the life has a meaning degrade life itself? a hammer has a meaning: to hammer a nail. we give things a meaning, since we are programmed in a way to always use things for our survival and replication. We construct things as a mean to do something. but that doesnt mean this things are here for the meaning to help us, we just use them.
So if we say life has a meaning, eg for preparing for the eternal life, we degrade it to something that is just used for something else, like the hammer for hitting the nail. life is not a hammer. life is an end in itself. isnt it degrading if we see life with all his aspects, his variety and adventures as a preparation for the eternal nothing, for eternal happiness and boredom?
i understand its hard to accept pain and suffer in life and therefor searching for a meaning. but if we give pain a meaning, we accept it and stop searching for solutions. cancer is god-given, a preparation for eternal life, so accept that and stop searching for a solution. lets face it: pain sucks, it has no meaning and it should be eliminated. people dont learn from emotional pain, they just get bitter and close and block themselfes. they just try do avoid the pain in the future and therefor dont try anything anymore. people learn and are motivated by success, by aha- moments.
also if our goal is eternal happiness, we will be able to create that in the future by ourselfes, drugs being just a first misguided step with lots of side effects. in future we'll have drugs without this effects that can make us happy constantly. we'll also have methods to change our brains so we'll be happy in situations that would cause us pain today, we'll able to eliminate our current needs shaped by evolution and create new ones, changing the nature of humanity.

what do you think? should we, instead of trying to find a meaning of life after death, giving and finding ourselfe a meaning by searching more happiness in our daily life and by creating a better future?

  • Jan 9 2012: You are born to ask questions and live to answer them.

    You die so that others can do the same.

  • Jan 20 2012: Do you mean, the meaning of "human" life? Or the meaning of life itself?

    Think of an animal, a rabbit say. What is the meaning of their life? What is their purpose? To procreate, and grow their species. Why should it be any different for humans?
    Because we have the power of thought, and can have such discussions? Does that mean we suddenly have or should have a deeper meaning to life than a cockroach?
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    Jan 20 2012: Such a deep question, yet with a simply answer:

    The purpose of life is to live in harmony with Reality. When we live a life of service to others, this can give our lives meaning, happiness and purpose.

    Only with a commitment to the Spiritual faculties of the Divine Mind, God, Ultimate Reality can we know meaning and healing and recreation of our identities as living souls.

    We cannot produce meaning in our lives, it arrives when we forget ourselves in the service to the community/others etc.,
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    Jan 19 2012: Why would you try to find a meaning of life after death? Worry about that when you're dead. I say do you what makes you happy w/o, of course, harming other people.
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    Jan 13 2012: Meaning can only be assigned by the person experiencing life.
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    Jan 9 2012: finding a better question to ask.
  • Jan 9 2012: Many of the things we do in life are a form of self exploration and definition.

    The construction of our ego and identity is the one project that every one of us will spend our entire life on and often we will be working on it without even being consciously aware that it's our true objective.

    The purpose of life might not be to define a self but it's certainly one of it's greatest products.
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    Jan 7 2012: its sounds interesting :), well meaning of life is which perspective you see about your life whether it will be sad or happy ending thats two condition which is we never cant refuse.
    When you see almost perspective or your point of view about sad things then you will see unhappy life but when you see almost point of view happiness then you will see happy life.
    Some people say life just like movies we born,grow,mature,getting old and died.it was life cycle of human whether we like or not that will happened.
    But even life seems like movies we are real actor on it. We may choose how we want our life go on.
    Life is awesome theres a lot of good things that we can see by our self sometime we see life isnot fair,unhappy,ignorance. life is like coin you have to see two side from it.
  • Jan 7 2012: What is, is. I guess we all ponder our purpose. At different times we come up with different thoughts about this. "Meaning," purpose,............I dunno. I do agree with you that maximizing our happiness today (and the happiness of others) and creating or co-creating "a better future" is a better expenditure of our energies and time than "trying to find a meaning of life after death."
  • Jan 7 2012: In life we have no choice but to believe two contradictory things.

    We must believe that causality is absolute otherwise we cannot plan our actions. When you turn your key in your car you expect it to start and If your car breaks down, you expect the problem to be specific and for your mechanic to fix it.

    We must believe we have free will because otherwise we are no different to, for example, a rock, thrown and following a pre-set trajectory and our actions have no more or less moral value or impact than any other purely physical/mechanical process.

    This contradiction, like many others, is like a splinter in your mind and it drives philosophers to scour the obscure limits of existential logic for any absolute truth that might be waiting to be discovered.

    The search for meaning can be as you suggest; a mechanism of comfort and copping but I believe it can be an expression of our need for internal consistency and truth.

    Either way; even the elimination of suffering can become somewhat grotesque when taken to a sufficient extreme.

    Imagine we've cured every disease and we've got machines doing all the necessary work and we've got virtual reality to take care of our every desire while we are intravenously fed what nutrients we need. We are immortal and trapped in perfect paradise of desire.

    There would be no more mountains to climb, no more frontiers to explore, to the world around us we would be dead and who is to say that we would not be?