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what do you think about global warming?is it really exist or it just issue?

i read some articles about pros and cons about global warming, there are two statement about this problem:
Firstly, some people say human already on the crisis environment so we need global safe and prevent our natural resource from destroyed.
And Second statement say earth more cold since past few years ago and global warming just issue.

After know two statement above, i have question about it.which is the true answers from hidden problem about global warming?and what is your opinion?

  • Jan 7 2012: I think most of us are confused on this question of global warming. There are two strong schools of thought and both sides build their case for support. Ice breakups at the South Pole do suggest to me global warming is a fact. But, is this only part of a natural cycle?

    Growing up in USA near the Great Lakes I observed a lot more snow and ice as a youth than what is seen now. My mother talked of walking on top of the snow as high as fence posts nearly every year in her youth as she walked to and from school. This was every year of her youth, with only few exceptions. We see this much snow only rarely now.

    I tend to believe global warming is a fact because of evidence and because I've seen many warm winters. But, I don't know if this is part of a cycle.

    What say others?
    Thanks for this question!!
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      Jan 8 2012: Hello mark
      Thanks for your good opinion..sometime we think its natural cycle on the earth. Even theres still have doubting, i consider myself believe about global warming issue but i started to found out some reason about it.

      best regards
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    Jan 8 2012: I feel now it is an established fact and enough proofs to prove the dangerous effects of global warming... the only question is.... what is the one concrete thing that we could follow which would be our sincere effort in reducing global warming

    Like the popular saying.... 'Dont see what the country has to give you.... think what you can give to your country.... the same thing applies to mother nature
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    Jan 8 2012: Global Warming is a tough issue. It is a somewhat charged term, as it implies that climate studies indicate a trend towards a warmer planet. One of the problems with these studies is the relative lack of long-term information on the topic. We do not have a direct record of all climate activity for the roughly 4 billion years of prehistory, and any conclusions we draw from what data we do have must necessarily be viewed through a lens which recognizes this fact, as well as which accepts the Principle of Uniformity, which, in essence, posits that the processes which are at work now are the same processes which were always at work.

    A more apt term, I think, is Climate Change, as this merely accepts that the climate is changing, without being too specific in its proclamations. It is not as simple as stating human activity is causing it, although it is almost certain we are contributing to it. There are many natural cycles which affect global climate, and human activity definitely affects /some of/ these cycles, although to what extent is more difficult to ascertain. The use of Climate Change as a term in the issue is also more apt because if data arrives which shows a cooling trend, humans will be more inclined to consider the global impact of their actions. For example, if people are led to believe in Global Warming, but live to see an Ice Age (which is one proposed natural response to a warmer climate, via the disruption of the "Transatlantic Thermohaline Conveyor Belt"), they may be more inclined to disregard the issue as "hogwash."

    EDIT: /some of/ these cycles. I'd seriously doubt if humans had any impact on things like solar flares.
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      Jan 8 2012: Hello joseph stanga

      Thankyou for your good opinion and statement. We still have to believe reality or issue about global warming. Maybe we will see the next few years to make prove what was scientist say.

      Best regards
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    Jan 7 2012: hello Paska Rinda, I recommend you the following resource :
    You'll find all information about the debate about climate change and global warming.

    As you are asking the question, yes, for me, global warming is a reality.
    And we, human beings, have caused it. And are amplifying it.
    We have in hands a lot of possibilities to act.

    Regards, Yves
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      Jan 8 2012: thankyou for the following link,its really helpfull since we have been doubt about climate issue..

      best regards
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    Jan 12 2012: Hi Paska
    This is a question everyone wants an answer to. Experts on all.sides are out for our vote. If any warming can be laid at the door of humankind, it is primarily through the burning of fossil fuels. These were beyond our reach for millennia, now we are burning them pretty much all at once. The upside of this is that when it is done; it's done. Then our contribution to global warming will be zero. Naturally we try to spin out the fuels as long as possible, but as far as the planet is concerned, it is a one time deal .
    Perhaps we can take solace in the fact that 'Global Warming' has become 'Climate Change'. Let's not lose too much sleep.

    • Jan 14 2012: Pete,

      I liked your contribution here until I got to the end, which I did not understand.

  • Jan 11 2012: Well, there's global warming for sure. Maybe the debate has been whether our activities have anything to do with it. Some people live in such isolated areas that they can't imagine that they contribute to climate change, and doubt that it is happening. Anyway, seeing as I see, every day, that there's lots of cars on their way to and from toronto, with times when the cars can't even advance a millimetre an hour, I have no doubt that such quantities of cars, combustibles, and et cetera, must be affecting the planet. No way around. However, here is the thing: whether somebody is convinced or not that there is climate change and then if we are responsible does not matter, what matters is that these both are clear possibilities and thus we rather be careful than not. In the end we would develop local economies and be much less wasteful. Do you guys, doubters of global climate change or not, see anything wrong with being careful? Do you really think that oil will last forever? Do you really think that our activities will never affect the planet?