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How to help struggling teens overcome depressive states of mind due to divorces

i have overcome my many things, one of which is my parents getting divorced which then led to incredibly depressive state of mind, and i want to help others who have dealt with this overcome that. i never thought i would be able to crawl out of the hole i was in but i managed to do so and i know other can as well.

  • Jan 11 2012: thank you all so much for your time in responding to my idea. i really appreciate all of your wise words thank you so much.
  • Jan 9 2012: Share the real reasons you got depressed. Share the imagined reasons you got depressed. Then share how you came to terms with both.

    Being an impartial sounding board also helps a ton. Help them figure out which reasons are valid and which ones are manufactured by either them or their parents. Having a valid starting point is a real benefit in limiting the emotional stress.

    Share from experiences, not from guessing. You certainly don't want to make matters worse by being wrong.
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    Jan 7 2012: Divorce is a painful experience for most people. It affects both the parents and the kids. It also affects the social network in which the couple have been.
    I do not think there is a simpler way to recover from it than just recovering. Through the experience I have had, I knew deep sadness and long life dream of my parents getting back together. But as I grew up, and started making my own experiences of friendship and deceptions, I started slowly putting the clues together. I got to understand that although it is difficult to live, a peaceful divorce is better than a life of ifinite disputes and regrets.
    To friends or younger friends who have been going divorces around me, I have invited them to dig more their spirituality, get a better balance of their mind and body. Once a person starts understanding himself, the rest of the troubles around him appears to be small details. The coping time depends on the sensibility of each person. I don't know if this helps you, but it's been working for a few. Besides, WELCOME BACK to Happyside of Life!
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    Jan 7 2012: sorry for hear that you already go through difficult time in your life. Sometime everything happened from out of our control we cant controlled something condition happen in our life. Since i have heard your problem about your parents divorced its not your fault at all, they both commited divorce maybe its affect on your life, on the time we cant refuse negative thought which is affect on our life like suicide,depresion etc . But life must be go on you have a lot of things to do on your life. Trying to be positive in every way,maybe you can shared your problem with your friends. I ever have similiar experienced with you maybe a bit related at the first time its so hard to think positive, but since i realize my life should be go on i changed my mind about negative thoughts i already realize life is choice. Dont let this problem destroyed your life,you worth for living and be happy..:)

    best wishes
  • Jan 7 2012: Hello Austin,
    I have no experience with divorce in my family, so therefore cannot speak from experience. However, your question is how to help others overcome depressive states of mind.

    One aspect I feel is vital: spiritual relationship with God the Universal Father, a person so well modeled by Jesus. The short take is that all persons are important. Being a child of divorced or divorcing parents does NOT mean the child is not valuable to God because the parents have difficulty. Rest assured, parental divorce is not punishment for the child. As you state, there are difficulties!!!!!

    We have way too much divorce in the USA! Way, way too much! Divorce is evidence of failure of relationship. Too many people give in and don't solve their problems. How many people have taken vows and then defaulted! Love is vital for good relations.

    So, the how in your question could be partially answered by promoting love in spite of the fact two people failed to love in such a way as to work THROUGH problems. Each child could reach a new understanding of love and then tell each parent they are loved in spite of their troubles. There are too many aspects of marriage failure to discuss here, so to summarize, try to think deeply of divine value of love and promote that to all who have need.

    Help them by your love and interest in them. Go the miles with them. You say you went through the experience. How did you do it?