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What are you happy for this past year?

Hello everyone,

I spent some time this Christmas in Seattle with my Iphone interviewing the people that live on the streets of Seattle and to ask them what they are happy for. The video is entitled 100 reasons to be happy and it is a testimonial from the people that have had it the toughest The responses were very moving and it had a great effect on me. I would love to know from others what are you truly thankful for in 2011. Much love was shared on that day and I would love to share their message with the world.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VpouZ7ZwKI

So what were you happy for in 2011?

Thank you,
Jonathan Ross


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    Jan 11 2012: I believe that all of the humans are seeking for happiness -
    so if you know your purpose and you have the tool , reaching not to the purpose is stupidness !
    I believe that happiness is even better than being logical !
    Once Oristotle said : I love you Plato - but I love the reality more .
    But if I don't enjoy the reality - I prefer loving the Plato !
    I mean who cares that conditions are good or not ?
    Who cares what's the reality ?
    See what you want to exist and enjoy !
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      Jan 12 2012: Thank you for such enlightening words. I agree completely with your Plato analogy, happiness is an emotion that can be taught to be embraced by most people. The need for happiness and interaction with other people might be the one true need that man has. We often speak of the need to protect and cover your back because no one else will do it.
      If you put a person in isolation long enough it is the worst experience so much so some would choose death over isolation or the feeling of not belonging to something of a greater perpose than just yourself. Especially the people that have hard times the need for community just grows stronger. Love is an amazing drug.
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          Feb 2 2012: Yes Amir be happy and through that happiness it will grow and pass to others there is no way for it not to. Your happiness will bring about change.
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        Feb 2 2012: - Fair Trade - is right Pierre!!

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