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What are you happy for this past year?

Hello everyone,

I spent some time this Christmas in Seattle with my Iphone interviewing the people that live on the streets of Seattle and to ask them what they are happy for. The video is entitled 100 reasons to be happy and it is a testimonial from the people that have had it the toughest The responses were very moving and it had a great effect on me. I would love to know from others what are you truly thankful for in 2011. Much love was shared on that day and I would love to share their message with the world.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VpouZ7ZwKI

So what were you happy for in 2011?

Thank you,
Jonathan Ross


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    Jan 18 2012: Great job Jonathan!

    We all need each other my brother. There is nothing to be more thankful for than to be living and to connect with others. Possessions are nice, but the greatest gifts are life and love and those are two things we can possess simultaneously each and every waking moment.

    I am happy and grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon me which keep me and my family healthy and secure, the new friends I have made and all the experiences I have shared with loved ones.

    I am happy that the global consciousness is moving out of the shadows and awakening to the light. I am happy to have helped others and serve society.
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      Jan 19 2012: Wonderful words Lance,
      I am glad you have found the key to happiness. Some days it is harder to find but if you dig deep enough there is usually good that comes from everything that happens to you. I have realized over time that some of my worst tragedies in life have offered the best road map to life. Look for the silver lining, it is always there.


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