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How do you deal with divorce?

I am an 18 year old who parents split up 4 years ago, and that act sent my life spiraling down to the point where i was so depressed. my siblings and i were put through years of fighting and court dates, and recently my parents have began to recover their relationship. i would like to share my story and how i overcame dealing with my parents divorce.

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    Jan 9 2012: Yep, Divorce brings pain and uncertainty to all those that once felt security in it.
    Corvida's right people do grow apart or perhaps were never really suited. Love brings people together in strange ways so that you and i might exist. The change in life , the loss and the usual conflict of seperation can be a traumatic time. Mind you when my father left the trauma ended and so it was a good thing for me. Life became more peaceful.

    Know this though Austin. You are not alone.
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    Jan 7 2012: Refraining from marriage is the only sure way of avoiding divorce - I am so glad you are here now and I hope you share your story. Your parents have their choices and you have yours. It is either we take our time before we do something and prepare ourselves for doing it well, or we'll have to spend more time to do it over. lol.
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    Jan 6 2012: Hey Austin,

    Feel free to share your story of how you have overcome dealing with your parents divorce! :)

    My parents were never married, but I've watched my mom go through 2 divorces, and soon, number 3. I didn't get depressed about it because I understood that sometimes people grow apart, or in ways that don't attract the other person anymore. In that process, no one really wants to hurt the other person, but leaving someone is never easy. It hurts like hell and it weighs heavy on the shoulders of adults. It's not always an easy thing to manage or pull through.

    You just have to keep faith that something better is right around the corner. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, not just in my life, but in others also even when those things affect my life.

    Looking forward to hearing your story Austin.