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Over the decades we have built up great systems of government, education and so on, I believe these are what is keeping us from happiness

Weather we wake up in the morning for work or school, right from the start the stress of everyday life is beating down on us. Many of us work many hours doing something we don't necessarily enjoy, and for what? The ability to say we a functioning member of society. Over the decades of mankind existence we have made rules and systems which have restricted us to doing certain thing and acting certain ways. Through man's search to create a perfect way of living I think we have lost the ability to strive for the important things in life manly what we define as "happiness".

I believe that all these systems of government, education and the media have blinded us. we constantly try to fit in and do well, As a child we learn to aim for well paying jobs and obsess with the thought of being wealthy, by giving in to these systems we bring unnecessary stress into our life. we ask are self questions like, am I doing the right thing? Then we a too afraid to change it because doing so would just create problems. We need to stop think like this though, we need to stop thinking that we need to become famous, rich, doing things on way over another because its will be view upon by the public in one way. We need to realize that nothing really matters. Humans are only an animal, we need shelter, food and water, other then that it doesn't matter if I graduated with a degree or drop out of high school, it shouldn't matter if I big house or small one, or if I have to worry about debt our not because these are not essential for life. Choosing to be a "functioning member of society" is just a game and I think we all need to step back once in a while and realize that what were doing really is irrelevant in the end. we all live and die, and on my deathbed I wont be wishing that I did everything be the book and how society deemed I should have lived. Ill be wishing I did my own thing and was had. Weather its science, sports, or even nothing. As long, as your happy in the end.

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    Jan 9 2012: Are we being kept from happiness? No. Happiness is impossible for some, others seek and find it.
    Are members of societies without "great systems of government, education and so on" happy? Not any more so than another society. Thanks for the question John.
  • Jan 9 2012: This is great if we have enough people who find happiness in keeping ourlives going (ex garbage collectors) If we don't find enough people passionate about it we will be unable to live , even if we are doing the thing we enjoy the most. Any ideas on that?
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    Jan 7 2012: Nothing can keep us from happiness ... unless we let it.