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Introduction to the economic downturn

The theme of the "economic downturn" has risen to prominence only recently in the debate economic, political and social in relation to the issue of environmental and social sustainability of economic growth. The "paradigm of the economic downturn" directly and explicitly addresses the issue of compatibility between the operation of a civilization and the "biological space" available that is behind this operation, calling attention to the fact that unlimited economic growth (the constant pursuit of the increase "GDP") is not sustainable for the terrestrial ecosystem, in the light of a company, like today, deliberately oriented towards the maximization of economic growth and to the continuous increase of production and consumption, without ever questioning the nature and quality of production. The movement was formed - and that is being set up - around the lens of the economic downturn puts emphasis on the absence of any reference to the binding relationship which must exist between the economic and biophysical substrate - who, being by its very physically limited nature, makes untenable a socio-economic oriented infinite growth. This is the fundamental assumption from which the appeal takes the form of movement for the economic downturn, which expresses the urgent need for a radical to the direction suggested by the dominant ideology, indicating an alternative perspective with respect to different existing patterns of development that moves the lens from quantitative growth to qualitative development.


  • Jan 7 2012: Perhaps an equal quantity of males and females can sit together and co-create a new economic/financial/social/political system that will be more efficient in creating a healthy, prosperous, happy existence for all of humankind. Some of the assumptions underlying existing systems may be incorrect, e.g., limited resources, greed. Suppose we design systems based upon positive assumptions. I think such systems will be more likely to work effectively and efficiently to accomplish all of our positive goals.
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    Jan 6 2012: the fundamentum of such a trend is biradical in its nature. one can not appraise the validity of any assumptions based on a sub-exponential development of any set of properties if observed in a finite time span. quasi-qualitative analysis is possible though, and should be performed, but must be evaluated in the light of ever-shifting humanecological landscape. the turning point is the focal structure of the production density.