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Would you eat "in vitro" meat?

Dutch biologist Mark Post says he can make a lab grown hamburger available by the end of the year.

What would be the impacts world wide of have lab grown meat?


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    Jan 6 2012: Yes! (as long as it's not too expensive).

    I should actually cut down on eating meat, but it's quite difficult.
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      Jan 6 2012: Have a bunch of relatives come down with colon cancer within a one-year period and you'll find your habits changing, trust me.
      • Jan 6 2012: You're both assuming that lab-grown meat has the same nutritional profile as regular meat. This will doubtlessly be the case at first, but I it seems like as it advances we'll see meats with the nutrition of wild caught fish with the texture of steak and the flavor of bacon.
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          Jan 6 2012: In which case people will probably resume eating actual meat.

          They already are having issues with the texture. What the hell texture is Beakon supposed to have?

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