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What are potential applications for Temporal and Spatial Cloaking?

Six years ago Spatial Cloaking was announced and described as the bending of light around an object. This week Cornell University announced that they have hidden time through Temporal Cloaking by seperating light to form a hole in time. The successful Temporal Cloaking (a blip of total darkness) was one centimeter wide and lasted 50 picoseconds.

Both require the manipulation of light. Could this occur on a large scale? Would it be limited to a specific spot. What if an object occupied that spot? What would be the effect on living cells and organs?


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    Jan 5 2012: It does not cause a hole in time, so much as using the properties of optical fiber to make two different light beams travel different paths at different speeds. So spacetime isn't bent or anything weird like that. Matter inside the effect will still behave normally, just be in complete darkness. Temporal cloaking just makes things more invisible.

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