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do you have any plan which you think is unbelievable but far-reaching

we may have many ideas or plans which may sounds strange, but if you consist on it , and do something about it , you may not come true it at last, but you must can learn something which is unimaginable, and useful in your life or other's life.


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    Jan 8 2012: Ni Hao Xiaohan,

    About three years ago, my wife and I started a company here in China. One part of the process was to have the people in the company come up with their own "vision." Something they would be excited about doing.

    One of their ideas was to transform the Chinese attitude towards service.

    That is a huge, "unbelievable" and far reaching goal.

    Part of the inspiration for the idea came from shipping packages from one city in China to another. Every single box that was shipped was damaged. There were almost 40 boxes and not one arrived unbroken. Not one.

    The people in our company (all of whom, except me, are zhong wen) felt this was not acceptable and wanted to transform the service industry in China.

    Their strategy is to set an example by providing exceptional service and by letting our suppliers know we also expect exceptional service.

    It is having a very positive impact. Our little business is growing very quickly and the people we work with are inspired to provide better service.

    Will we transform the entire culture of service in China?

    Probably not.

    But we can try.
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      Jan 8 2012: thanks for your reply, i think i have learned something from your story, and i hope your business will be more thriving, and you know some Chinese, that's very nice.

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