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do you have any plan which you think is unbelievable but far-reaching

we may have many ideas or plans which may sounds strange, but if you consist on it , and do something about it , you may not come true it at last, but you must can learn something which is unimaginable, and useful in your life or other's life.

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    Jan 8 2012: There are great disparities in the world in terms of the wealthiness in every nation. A developed nation has a typical style of flaunting their wealth as compared to the developing nation. At the same time there are nations which are completely under developed.

    There is struggle even for getting one meal in a day. There is great amount of wastages of food that is seen particualry iin developing nation.... When at one end people are dying of malnutrition and undernutrtion there is great amount of wastage at other end...

    I have decided not to waste even a bit of food and also express this thought with all the ones that I come in contact with... I dont know how much difference it will make but the attempt is sincere.
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    Jan 8 2012: Ni Hao Xiaohan,

    About three years ago, my wife and I started a company here in China. One part of the process was to have the people in the company come up with their own "vision." Something they would be excited about doing.

    One of their ideas was to transform the Chinese attitude towards service.

    That is a huge, "unbelievable" and far reaching goal.

    Part of the inspiration for the idea came from shipping packages from one city in China to another. Every single box that was shipped was damaged. There were almost 40 boxes and not one arrived unbroken. Not one.

    The people in our company (all of whom, except me, are zhong wen) felt this was not acceptable and wanted to transform the service industry in China.

    Their strategy is to set an example by providing exceptional service and by letting our suppliers know we also expect exceptional service.

    It is having a very positive impact. Our little business is growing very quickly and the people we work with are inspired to provide better service.

    Will we transform the entire culture of service in China?

    Probably not.

    But we can try.
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      Jan 8 2012: thanks for your reply, i think i have learned something from your story, and i hope your business will be more thriving, and you know some Chinese, that's very nice.
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    Jan 6 2012: i definitely have plans, a lot, that are far reaching and/or unbelievable. sometimes even useful. and i never make any of them true, because i lose interest sooner.

    my current plan is a virtual universe comparable to our real one in size and complexity. you could travel anywhere in it, and take a look at any direction. you could aim a virtual telescope to see the myriad of galaxies or stars. you could go to any star and take a closer look. there would be approximately one septillion stars (that is a million billion billion), forming one trillion galaxies, small ones with hundred million stars, as well as big ones with a hundred trillion. each star could have planetary system that you can visit. planets might have moons or ring systems. planets and moons could have surface structure, mountains, dunes, calderas. so it is quite an impressive virtual world to wander around in. but it would need a full time team and months up to a year to complete it.
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      Jan 8 2012: that's very interesting , and i am drawn into the universe your designed , so i hope you and your team can really make it true before you lose interest , and when you have any difficult on the plan , you can tell us , maybe we can have some new ideas which can be helped not just for you but us.
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      Jan 8 2012: QUOTE: "my current plan is a virtual universe comparable to our real one in size and complexity. you could travel anywhere in it, and take a look at any direction."

      That sounds very cool.

      I think some models already exist. Maybe you could build on them.