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'Are students only as good as their teachers?'

Do we al hold a responsibility to teach our youth the 'correct/moral/ethical" view so lauded in the 'good old days', when we have so apparently failed ecologically, economically and ethically. How do we teach when we cannot lead by example?


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    Jan 9 2012: Many thanks for all your comments. Putting this question out globally has given me a much broader view of a question I have posed many times. The title question is actually a colloquialism here in the Mediterranean where it is often used to excuse or explain a YOUTH's behaviour ie you cannot expect the person to behave any better as he has not been taught correctly in the past, be that from parents, peers or teachers. Thus stating that we as 'teachers' have failed our next generation. I find that I agree sometimes and disagree others. I try not to excuse poor behaviour however have seen and experienced many occassions where poor behaviour is a direct result of inadequate social, ethical or moral behavioural teaching. As you can see I am not limiting my question to the classroom :) Should we only lead by good example or is there hope that an equilibrium is reached where humans can learn existentialy?
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      Jan 9 2012: Stanna... the bitter truth is no one can change anybody.... You have to be the change that you want to see in others and this is the only way.... some moral values like honesty, sincerity, integrity, etc have to be practiced and not preached if one really wants the others to practice

      If you have to preach generosity you need to be a generous person first.... I would walk on a path which I feel how the world should be... if people like it they will follow ... if they don't like it at least I am happy that I am walking on the path that i like :)

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