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'Are students only as good as their teachers?'

Do we al hold a responsibility to teach our youth the 'correct/moral/ethical" view so lauded in the 'good old days', when we have so apparently failed ecologically, economically and ethically. How do we teach when we cannot lead by example?


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    Jan 7 2012: Ah, well, most of the time yes, and even worse than their teachers. From statistics point of view, it is reasonable to assume students are not better than their teachers. But if you are trying to motivate someone, it is usually best to stick to the contrary. Students who surpass their teachers owe it to their teachers too. For eg. if a student of 10 yrs of piano training learns from someone who has spent 40 yrs of his life in mastering it, the student is infact gaining 40 + 10 yrs of learning. So, barring the time-dependant growth of maturity, his level of expertise is positively highter than his mentor. Most of our failures arise when we sit and try to re-invent the wheel.. Instead of taking off from where history has left us, we go back in history and lament over it. Often 'lead by example' is not necessary. Personally, I think it is just an excuse we throw when others point us in the right direction. Mere logic and common sense will tell us what we must do. But our evlutionary response is to find an excuse and hide behind it. Yes, leading is inspiring and effective but not necessary. If theere is one thing that is different for current generation is the enormous freedom of choice not backed by adequate capacity to exercise or appreciate it. Most students who outshine their teachers are those who are proactive and highly motivated. For such students, excuses are unnecessary. As for the otherwise, carrot and stick is the only thing that seems to work.

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