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Are NDEs real/ believable? Do you believe them? And why?

Near Death Experiences are fascinating to humans, we've always asked what happens after we die. One of my favorite accounts is mentioned in The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. Do you believe NDEs? What are your theories on what happens in the afterlife?

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  • Jan 6 2012: There was a cool article in SciAm a few years back that compared the fMRI readings of people in various states of shut-down-brain (where dead is one such state), as you'd expect being massively sedated is very close to NDEs, but the curious one (at least to me) is that shortly after sexual climax a decent portion of your brain can go into standby. It's a fragile state, but if you can relax and nothing startles you I find that it does subjectively feel quite a bit like being massively sedated.
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      Jan 6 2012: So you're saying that NDEs are similar to post climax experiences? fascinating!
      • Jan 7 2012: Well, those experiences can vary pretty drastically. I think they're similar to the kind where you basically lie back and happily zone out for a while.

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