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Are NDEs real/ believable? Do you believe them? And why?

Near Death Experiences are fascinating to humans, we've always asked what happens after we die. One of my favorite accounts is mentioned in The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. Do you believe NDEs? What are your theories on what happens in the afterlife?

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    Jan 5 2012: they have been documented for quite sometime. you might get into real speculation and discussion on the "reality" of such events, but i am not one to start objectifying such personal experiences. like any other event in life, its what you make of it. i personally believe in them. several old tradtions hold the death expierence to the most important thing in life, to not yearn for death, or fear death, but to be comfortable in it and to move beyond it.

    Further speculation of my interest in this area could be found in the movie/book DMT: the spirit molecule.
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    Jan 9 2012: There is a book that came out not too long ago called, "Heaven is for Real". It is a supposed detailed account of a young boy who died and came back. He details points of life that he had no knowledge of such as a sister that died before she was born, but he said she was there. As a Christian I fully believe in life after death. But even if I weren't the very idea is so pervasive that I would believe in there being more beyond our own plane of existence. "What Dreams May Come" is one of my favorite movies regarding what happens after. It is so sad, but such an amazing film.
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      Jan 9 2012: It didn't help a bit.

      Seeing is believing and if you think you see with your eyes, think again.
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    Jan 9 2012: To put it simply:

    There is a difference between being dead and nearly dead.

    Near death experiences are just experiences but they are profound because they may give us some insight into the nature of death.

    If you ask me I think near death experiences are the closest we'll ever get to the real thing (of course I could be wrong)...

    Here is how I see it: If we have a near death experience then we did not really die....but if we are dead (and I really mean dead) and we are still having experiences then that is a lot different than have a NDE and to be quite honest I have not heard of an individual who was really dead, had experiences and lived to tell the tale.
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      Jan 9 2012: Good point Orlando...there is definitely a difference between dead and near dead.

      You say you "have not heard of an individual who was really dead...and lived to tell the tale".
      You might want to research that a little bit. There are hundreds...maybe thousands... of documented cases where people were clinically dead and "lived to tell the tale". Have fun exploring:>)
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    Jan 8 2012: First I wonder what I was before my chromosoms where put together by my two parents. Where have I been? Did I exist before this life?

    I would say without a doubt Yes! It can only be that way, otherwise how could I be here? Life comes from a place that we still need to discover. We know all the steps of procreation, growth and death. But the mystery of life itself is a school of itself for eternity. To simplify it, we leave the answer to God for those who believe in Him.

    My theory is that there can only be a life after death since it's been a life or existence before we are born Here.

    I have had a near death experience that have change 180° my conception of self.

    it was in 2000, on a sunday evening. I was sleeping when my bedroom door was slammed opened; an individual entered with a machete in hand, standing above me he yelled "where is the money?" . As I answered "what money?" he dropped on me the first hit... to spare you the details of this traumatic story, they left me for dead a few minutes later. As I was laying on the floor, I could see the other two guys parking their car in the right position to collect all the stuff they could carry out, elctronics gadgets, a few cloths, my jewels and watches, just anything valuable they could carry.

    After they departed, I can still see myself getting up, running outside about 700 meters to the main avenue in order to get a taxi to the emergency. I still have this souvenir of my neighbors in the street I lived standing at their balcony and watching helpless the scene of the agression. i even have in mind some of the hints of the comments they were making. i have the souvenir of my sister fainting the next morning by the view of the blood that run from the bedroom to the kitchen after crossing the livingroom. That happen as I was in a coma at the hospital the next day. As I repeated that scene to my family with the details, they swore someone might have told me. So I believe today:" WE ARE MORE THAN THIS HUMAN BODY"
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      Jan 9 2012: Dear Ousmane,
      I read your story yesterday, and it has been in my heart and mind ever since. I woke up in the night, as I lay in my comfortable, warm bed, and thought about your experience. This morning, I notice that you have made several contributions to the comment topic "What do you have to be grateful for today". You were tortured and left for dead. You not only survived, but you are here on this earth to teach something very valuable, which I'm sure you are doing in every moment of your life. I agree that our conception of self changes a lot when we face death.

      One thing I've been pondering since reading your story, is that I cannot even imagine how it feels to be near death because of the actions of our fellow human beings. I cannot imagine how anyone can do that to another human being. The abuser must totally block any feelings of compassion, empathy, and s/he has totally disconnected from other people.

      My near death experience happened because of a horseback riding accident, I was knocked unconscious recieved medical assistance almost immediately, and had no pain until regaining consciousness two weeks later. I feel very lucky when I think about, and feel the circumstances of your experience. It feels like you have a heart as big as the sun, and it brings us just as much energy:>)
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        Jan 9 2012: If someone's hurt much and often, emotionally, mentally or physically before that person has matured fully the only defense left is to shut off any feelings.
        I know you know already Colleen but anyway.
        A person without feelings becomes like a robot that is capable of doing anything intelligent that serves self preservation without any consideration.
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          Jan 9 2012: Yes, I know that logically Frans. It's still difficult to "feel" what it would be like to live a life like that. There are a lot of wounded people in our world...I have met them...interacted with them...and still....it's difficult for me to feel so much pain that it would cause others pain. By doing that, the wounded person is actually wounding him/her "self" over and over again. I know you know this too Frans.

          This is one piece that makes Ousmane's story so precious. He was wounded badly, at the hands of human beings, and yet he lives a life of gratitude, acceptance and love:>) Hope you don't mind that we're talking about you Ousmane:>)
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        Jan 9 2012: Hi Colleen,
        thanx again for sharing. It has been hard, but it's as well usefull. I have come to the belief that every little thing happenning to us is to give us a lesson and help us straighten our path.
        I am just as happy to have discover TED. I was zapping my TV when I heard a little comment on a multimillionaire who's baught km squares of the brasilian rain forrest as his contribution for saving the planet... then the documentary went on to state the case of TED and the activities that were being implemented there. It was very fascinating and today I feel heard. I can not just describe the feeling inside me... I now have more strength to continue a job that I once felt alone doing. Now I know people thinking and working desinterestedly in try in their way to make the world a better place.

        NED Experience has a lot to do with the connection, but what good we have ourselves revealed is something that has always been there. it's like some of us need electroshocks to wake up and that's what happenned; after your life is not the same anymore.

        Today I am still working at the same rythm as before, but I am feeling less tired. I have less stress as I have completely detached from many wants that were not necessary in my life. Skying toward helping other is the best sport I have ever played... thanx to my NED.
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          Jan 9 2012: Hi Ousmane,
          I am happy you discovered TED too, and I agree that every little thing happening to us is an opportunity to learn.

          I also experienced a sense of freedom when I started speaking about the NDE years ago. It is always WONDERFUL to discover and interact with like-minded people:>)

          Detachment is one thing that was reinforced with the NDE. The energy that is "me"' was detached from the body. I love the way Frans described it...as air in a jar with the top on, and taking the top off, the air flows into all the other air. When the energy was free from the body, it felt like the body was a vehicle that carried the energy through the human experience.
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      Jan 9 2012: Thank you for sharing your story.
      For the true skeptics it won't make any difference but to others it can be confirming to the possibility of out of body experiences. Some that lack the courage to tell their own stories out of fear of being condemned ridiculous may be encouraged by it.

      The body is an enclosure for consciousness like you can enclose some air in a jar. If the jar is opened it's not separated anymore.
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        Jan 9 2012: Great metaphor Frans...
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        Jan 9 2012: You are right on the subject. It's not easy at all to tell about the experience. People think you are a little coucou out of your thrauma. I hope more people get to talk about their experiences, it will free them from the weight and they may inspire more than one.
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          Jan 9 2012: Ousmane,
          I'm wondering if you have explored NDE on line? You can google Near Death Experience Research. There are thousands of stories about NDE/OBEs, along with information about research they are doing on the topic.
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        Jan 9 2012: there were four people, two of them had shot guns, they stayed in the living room. It is the one with machete who broke my door opened. Machete is a common weapon people use in robber's attacks here. I woke up as the door slammed on the wall. I had light coming from the living room in my eyes. standing above me, he shouted: where is the money? As I answered what money? he slapped me with the side of the machete. He shouted back again about where I have kept the money? i just answered again what money, then he stroke again, as I moved my head, the machete landed on my hip, then another strike that I pushed away with the reverse of my hand; only after that he got crazy, jumped on the bed where I was stuck-sitting. He started his boucherie, stroke me on the head, cutting my ear, my hands then I afforded to throw myself behind the bed by the corner. My head hit the wall and I remained paralysed not able to move and watch himhit me two more times on the knee and my foot before one of his accomplice came and stop him. As the guy stop his hand from hitting me again, he said:" can't you see that the guy is finished?"
        next thing, there were packing up things from my bedroom. disconnected the little tv, vcr, hi-fi. they grabbed a couple of necklaces on the top of the bed, my watches box and my car keys. then they got my wallet and any little thing possible to grab.
        After sometime, mid conscious I just got up (how? I don't know) headed outside and run to the main road and stop a first taxi, but the driver panicked and drove away. a second one hesitated but stopped and carried me to hospital. Only a couple hours later, one of my neighbor called the police.
        A few days, after I was out, the police called for to come and identify some people they have arrested, but I did not see the need to go. they've been arrested for another attack, and one of them admitted my agression. At the time, I was still trying to have some sleep with little results, so I had other preoccupations
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        Jan 9 2012: Most of the time, I skeep these details because they are not much helpful. they show more horor than anything else. If anyone feels it's not good to have that part of the story here, I will not mind cancelling it from this window.

        Today, it seems to me as someone else's story. I have no more pain, on the contrary , this experience open my eyes on a new world that nothing on earth can break.
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          Jan 9 2012: Ousamane, You have a very powerful story. You're an inspiring human being and I am truly grateful to get to hear it. Prayers for you and your mission, and that you continue to walk in happiness and light. ~Megan
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      Jan 9 2012: Wow. I'm speechless. Thank you.
  • Jan 6 2012: There was a cool article in SciAm a few years back that compared the fMRI readings of people in various states of shut-down-brain (where dead is one such state), as you'd expect being massively sedated is very close to NDEs, but the curious one (at least to me) is that shortly after sexual climax a decent portion of your brain can go into standby. It's a fragile state, but if you can relax and nothing startles you I find that it does subjectively feel quite a bit like being massively sedated.
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      Jan 6 2012: So you're saying that NDEs are similar to post climax experiences? fascinating!
      • Jan 7 2012: Well, those experiences can vary pretty drastically. I think they're similar to the kind where you basically lie back and happily zone out for a while.
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    Jan 5 2012: Yes, I believe in NDE/OBEs because I had one after a near fatal head/brain injury 22 years ago. I was not expected to live, then not expected to ever function again...well...here I am!

    My experience shows me that we are energy beings. Did you see the TED talk...Jill Bolte Taylor- stroke of insight?
    The energy that powers the body (call it soul, spirit, etc.) moves on when the body dies.
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      Jan 6 2012: I have read extensively on the topic of energy beings but I was curious about people who actually have had NDEs, I guess experiencing it makes the difference?
      What else did your experience teach you, if you don't mind me asking?
      I'll watch the talk!
      Thank you.
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        Jan 6 2012: Hi Ayesha,
        Experiencing an OBE/NDE certainly made a difference to me! I probably would not have believed it prior to my experience, because it was not something that "fit" in my belief system at that time. I did quite a bit of research and exploration, before agreeing to guest lecture at the university, which I did for about 6 years.

        I don't mind you asking questions at all. Most of the information I present here on TED was taught to me by my mother, and reinforced with the NDE. The life I was living before the NDE did not change, but rather intensified.

        One piece of the puzzle that I learned to accept with the NDE is reincarnation, which was not part of my belief system prior to the NDE. I had reviews of this life, as well as other lives. With the reviews of lives, including this one, I learned that healing and health is a thread that runs through several of my different lives.
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          Jan 6 2012: Was it difficult for you to accept something that wasn't a part of your belief system? How can we experience certainty without having to experience an NDE?
          And would you say you can see the WHOLE picture now?
          I am so grateful that I'm having this conversation! Thank you.
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        Jan 7 2012: Hi again Ayesha,
        Was it difficult to accept something that wasn't part of my belief system?
        Not too difficult. Prior to the head/brain injury, I had several life challenges, and I believe that life is about learning. When I sustained the head injury and experienced the NDE, I accepted it as another life challenge and opportunity from which I would learn. I also knew that I had to do my "homework" and did not accept the experience simply at face value. In addition to the NDE, being totally disabled (which was the prognonis) was not part of my belief system either, so there were MANY adjustments to be made in the body, heart and mind, along with a LOT of education:>)

        How can we experience certainty...?
        I believe that with our exploration of the human experience, we have the opportunity and ability to assimilate information, sift through all information that is available to us, learn about our "self" and others, and know our truth at any given time. Knowledge is power. We have the opportunity to have knowledge, and that is a very powerful factor in "knowing" our "self". We can listen to the logical mind, and listen to the intuitive heart for guidence. That is how we find our truth, and our "certainty", in my perception.

        Can I see the "whole picture" now?
        No. If I could see the whole picture, I would no longer be in human form. The human body cannot accomodate the energy vibration which is needed to percieve the whole picture. When the energy that powers my body was moving from one form to another (OBE/NDE), I could see a much bigger picture, and I'm not really sure if I saw the "whole" or not.

        My pleasure...glad to participate:>)
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    Jan 5 2012: I believe there is a strong force called God which has always been there around and saved me from NDE.. ... Recently met up with a horrific car accident but got saved even without a scar