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How do you see the future of literature? Do yo think that shorter forms such as poetry and microstories will gain more weight?

Now that immediacy seems to be ruling our world, many have the fear that less people will take the time to read and write long novels.

Do you believe in this? Why or why not?

Which genres and themes do you think will gain more weight and why in the following years


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Thank you very much for your contributions!

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  • Mar 15 2011: cant read anything long with add
    I was going to read all that but then decided no way.
    I think the future is in digital based media be it black and white and with 2 elements, its still a lot easier to understand.
    Poor people watch cartoon while you cook, mass media and core/root words that are understandable/relatable.

    Pictures and cofee shops with wifi and lasertag will save bookstores if anything does.
    unless ofcourse homedopt starts selling uber wall paper that has natgeo pictures on it.

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