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How do you see the future of literature? Do yo think that shorter forms such as poetry and microstories will gain more weight?

Now that immediacy seems to be ruling our world, many have the fear that less people will take the time to read and write long novels.

Do you believe in this? Why or why not?

Which genres and themes do you think will gain more weight and why in the following years


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Thank you very much for your contributions!

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    Mar 15 2011: In immediate Future i think the probability of micro stories replacing novels is quite sleek.

    when one reads,he/she is transported to the world of author's imagination. Readers live the story.Cry in adversity, laugh on jokes, thrilled on murder, amazed by resolving mystery. This is essence is very hard to capture in micro stories and movies.


    On the other hand, Tech is moving at the mind blowing rate and its highly possible that one might come up with a tech which makes it possible to experience the same feelings in much smaller time. Reading(or whatever it may be called) will be much more efficient and productive.
    And believe me this time is not far away but not in immediate future at least!!

    Have a Great day!
    I would love to hear your thoughts on my reply(_was it convincing_)

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