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How do you see the future of literature? Do yo think that shorter forms such as poetry and microstories will gain more weight?

Now that immediacy seems to be ruling our world, many have the fear that less people will take the time to read and write long novels.

Do you believe in this? Why or why not?

Which genres and themes do you think will gain more weight and why in the following years


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    Mar 14 2011: Although e-books are the obvious future I do not forsee the length of literature decreasing. However, we might start to see more short stories in the form of novelas. A series if you will. Long novels might evolve into 3 or 4 mini plots. Think Eclipse and Harry Potter. Both very successful in recent years. Also, both were successful films, but its greatest support came from the readers.

    Microstories in the form of anthologies seem likely. Quick-reads with an opportunity to continue when ready.

    Some replies mentioned attention span. Do a compare and contrast of ADD and "immediacy"- is it the nature of our evolving society and our technologies? Marketing is quick to feed our senses. Supply and demand are becoming more immediate. We are becoming more restless. (note, as a teacher I can say ADD and ADHD truly do exist. I need to deliver quickly and concisely in order to reach such children. Would it not make sense to apply this to the whole popluation? My fear however is that we might lose the beauty of diversity. I hate the idea of a cookie cutter society or mode of delivery)

    As for literature - I have been observing a few trends over the past few years. First, as an educator I have noticed that our most successful students read rather large novels. I've also noticed that these students are not only fond of literature they also enjoy math and science. Keep in mind that I teach at an IB middle school.Grant it, not all demographics are alike. However, I just happen to be the one teaching our struggling readers. They on the other hand HATE reading, but once I teach imagery, symbolism and add a few videos to the course they come alive. These students realize that they are very visual and begin to see reading in a whole new light. Another observation is when I travel. I am nothing less than a people watcher. I like seeing trends in stores, airports, flights and hotels. People are in fact buying books and reading. Many still flip through nice sized novels. Great thread!!

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