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How do you see the future of literature? Do yo think that shorter forms such as poetry and microstories will gain more weight?

Now that immediacy seems to be ruling our world, many have the fear that less people will take the time to read and write long novels.

Do you believe in this? Why or why not?

Which genres and themes do you think will gain more weight and why in the following years


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    Mar 12 2011: The point you are making is extremely valid. I already see in myself that increased use of digital media is lowering my attention span. I can no longer sit for as long with sustained concentration. The utilization of technology is actually rewiring the way we think. Rather than focusing on developing sustained concentration on a single activity, or brains are now more inclined to develop multitasking abilities. I believe that what you are saying is true, and that shorter forms of literature will probably become more popular in the near future. While now it seems sad, I feel that soon enough it will seem completely natural. Just as the Shakespearean suspense-of-disbelief went out of style when increased effects became accessible, long novels may endure the same phasing out process. It is not necessarily something that literary world must lament, but rather the development of a new style they must embrace.

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