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Based on your experiences, describe an inspirational leader you worked under. What made you invest your loyalty in that person?

Describe the specific actions and habits that this person used in their everyday interactions with you, people around you, and company in general. What made you loyal to that person?

It would also be great if we can hear about these people that must exist in a large cross section of industries and types of work- not just tech/ media and "big idea" industries.

  • Jan 6 2012: It was the philosophy of my manager's manager that it was the role of a manager to make their managees look as good as possible to the higher ups. That the measure of a leader is the success of those who follow them. Hearing him say that really opened my eyes, and even though I no longer have that job I still feel a sense of loyalty to him.
    • Jan 6 2012: I feel you there. "Your success is my success". "Success" being the operative word here, as in "succession". It's a big picture kind of thing. From day one, when I start a new position, I'm looking for those that will move into my place, so that I too can move on, move up and keep growing. Takes a very mature and secure leader to foster that kind of environment.

      Nice. Thanks for sharing that.