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Looking to become a future TED speaker. Many questions!

In November, my city will be hosting a TEDx event and I would like to speak there. However, I have many questions and could advice/feedback from the TED community.

1. What should I talk about? (Need some help brainstorming)
- I'm a professional website designer and naturally I want to talk about website design. I was thinking about talking about why businesses need a website, but I believe I can come up with a better topic. Something unique, but informative. In my city, there are many website designers, but many businesses still do not understand the benefits of being online. If I could get some help brainstorming topics, I would sincerely appreciate it.

2. How should I prepare?
- I have been through several Public Speaking courses, but it did not teach me how to prepare for an event such as TED. After decided upon a topic and writing out the talk, how do I prepare myself physically and mentally?

3. What should I expect?
- As stated above, my Public Speaking courses were perfect for small speaking events, but did not teach me about large-scale events. What should I expect at a TED event as a speaker and even as a guest?

4. Any other advice?
- I consider myself a good public speaker and a very motivated person. It is a dream of mine to speak at a TED event and I would like to fulfill that since I have the opportunity. Any advice from anybody regarding this dream would be truly appreciated.

Thank you in advance to those who reply to this. I love this intelligent and helpful community, so all advice is appreciated.


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    Feb 1 2012: Just be frank, and be comfortable yourself frist.
    From that, listeners will be also comfortable and will receive brilliant ideas from you.
    And about the other questions you asked lke "How should I prepare?", you will know more than us.

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