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Looking to become a future TED speaker. Many questions!

In November, my city will be hosting a TEDx event and I would like to speak there. However, I have many questions and could advice/feedback from the TED community.

1. What should I talk about? (Need some help brainstorming)
- I'm a professional website designer and naturally I want to talk about website design. I was thinking about talking about why businesses need a website, but I believe I can come up with a better topic. Something unique, but informative. In my city, there are many website designers, but many businesses still do not understand the benefits of being online. If I could get some help brainstorming topics, I would sincerely appreciate it.

2. How should I prepare?
- I have been through several Public Speaking courses, but it did not teach me how to prepare for an event such as TED. After decided upon a topic and writing out the talk, how do I prepare myself physically and mentally?

3. What should I expect?
- As stated above, my Public Speaking courses were perfect for small speaking events, but did not teach me about large-scale events. What should I expect at a TED event as a speaker and even as a guest?

4. Any other advice?
- I consider myself a good public speaker and a very motivated person. It is a dream of mine to speak at a TED event and I would like to fulfill that since I have the opportunity. Any advice from anybody regarding this dream would be truly appreciated.

Thank you in advance to those who reply to this. I love this intelligent and helpful community, so all advice is appreciated.


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  • Jan 13 2012: Nicole if you get there I will see your presentation. But I tought the speakers are invited? I really tought so. Cheers.

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