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What if we could put information or skills right in to the human body? Sort of Matrix style, that is my goal.

When you think of the budget you know the fact that school's both for youth and adults, have a drain on the US funds so why not build a machine that puts skills and facts right in to the human brain? Who would not? Kids would love it and it would take the hassle off of learning for 20 years of your life. First off the brain uses electrical in pulses to send commands around the body at a very small wattage, so does a computer, the spinal cord consists of nerves that lead to the brain, we have electric in pulse emmiters used for medical operations so, the computer and the mind both use binary format as a as a type of communication so if you hook up the electricel in pulse emmiters to the nerve's of the spinal cord and hook that up to a computer and send , Spanish all the words and stuff it goes to the emmiters up in to the spinal cord and in to the brain. (ask me for more answers and problems)

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    Feb 2 2012: Consider the cost and the distribution. How much might each "brain book" cost. Note if you chose to sell this product then wouldn't the rich get smarter and the poor...not so much; imagine what that would do to society. I'm sure you imagine your technology as being available to every one but what system are you putting in place to ensure that happens? What if someone for whatever reason does not want to learn would you still make their education mandatory, this metaphor might not hold up but isn't that a little like brain washing? What happens to a person if something goes wrong in the upload? What about misinformation?
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    Jan 5 2012: Fabulous idea!
    I've always dreamt of my course books being zapped into a tiny chip that i can install in my brain ;P