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If so many people watch the TED videos, why so few comment?

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who watch the TED videos.

However, only a small percentage write to comment on the talks.

I would like to see if I can get those who read through the TED conversations, and watch the TED talks to write in at least once and explain why they do not comment.

If you have never commented before, here is your chance.

Just sign in, type, "This is my first comment" and if you would like, explain why you have never commented before.


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    Jan 10 2012: This is my fourth comment. TED viewers are an eccentric bunch. We enjoy privacy, freedom and observation. Notoriety is for rappers. Meme-like responding is for the average. Quiet consideration has usually been the fuel that ignites personal enthusiasm, goal-setting and sound, lengthy social interactions.
  • Jan 5 2012: Part of the reason could be that the site is designed to watch videos and not to take part in a conversation. I never even thought of comments until I happened to spy this post on the web page. One would have to explicitly want to comment and look around for the comments section on the page, it's not a natural part of the user experience.
    Add to that, a lot of the views are from embedded videos in other sites(which don't enable commenting). And also the iPhone app doesn't even let you comment.