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Artificial dam reservoirs for eco-friendly energy supply

In the mountains the electrical energy is mostly supplied by dam reservoirs. So why dont build artificial dam reservoirs in flat countries? it would be a high initial investment like a nuclear reactor, except that no danger and toxic waste is created, which will cost a lot of money in the next decades.
additionally, these artificial hills could be a regeneration area for families, a biotopic area for animals and plants.
These artificial dam reservoirs could also be used as a energy storage (pumped storage power station) for highly fluctuating energy sources like wind and solar (storing the energy for the night / winter).
another idea: every house has his own energy hill. or use the house, construct them strong or make a framework and put a tank on top of the houses to collect water and create electricity with small generators. a network / smart grid could be build where electricity is distributed / sold / and stored (storage of the private house could be sold like data storage today in the cloud / ebay for energy storage) automatically according to the actual demand.


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    Jan 5 2012: skyscrapers are the mountains of our modern world, additionally to the accumulated area of many scyscrapers in big cities, they offer a considerable height, so more energy can produced with generators in tubes going down the building (eg 4 tubes for every corner). i think a considerable amount of energy could be produced, which could be used directly for the building (illumination, hvac...)
    the water could be used for watering plants and therefor be a part of the dream of a Green City.

    also on every floor, around the building, trenches could be installed that collect water and transport it with pipes to a tank in the middle of the building. so more water can be stored, thus more electricity can be produced.

    probably this water tank in the middle of the building, designed correctly, could be used for stabilizing skyscrapers during earthquakes thanks to the inertia of water?

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