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What is the one invention you wish to be invented soon?

I constantly find myself wishing for this or that device that can make my life easier :P I'm curious about what others wish were available.

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    Jan 11 2012: I wish i could turn my phone into a tv remote.

    That way i could surf what was on the cable on my phone or ipod and then select what i want to watch on my phone and my tv it would go to it.

    Another handy one would to be able to get notifications on my tv when the commercials were done on one show because often i switch to another show during the commercials because id rather not drill my mind with stupid ads if i don't have to. Most the time i can time it right and come in right when commercials end but every once and a while i miss a bit of the show.
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    Jan 11 2012: This is already integrated into many things but i wish voice recognition technology was better.

    Siri is cool but it hasn't become fully optimized. I know many people with the 4S that don't even use siri.

    I want to be able to come home and tell my computer to turn on and go to my email and then it will. It would make processes move faster in my opinion.
  • Jan 8 2012: I believe folks are already working on this but, I would like to see wireless electricity. We are a society that is literally tied to the electric grid, out of necessity and otherwise. Finding an outlet convenient to where I am is usually difficult. In my kitchen alone, there are close to a dozen appliances all needing electricity via a cord. Keeping them all plugged in is not an option as there would be cords criss-crossing the counters in an unsafe manner. We used to have to have out computing devices connected via a wire in order to access the internet. Today, we have wireless. Tesla proved this could happen ages ago yet, we are still tripping over wires daily.
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    Jan 6 2012: It is more of the exact feeling that the person has for you... bubbles are short lived and it would fade away before you try and read those..:)
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    Jan 5 2012: I wish a device in which I can understand what is going on in others mind is something i am looking forward for :)