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Spread a Simple Message

No deep or profound thoughts here. I will not solve a significant world problem or inspire anybody to greatness. I do believe that this idea has power in its simplicity. I do believe that I will connect one person to those that will inspire them to achieve what I cannot.

Work has required extensive travel which means many hotel rooms. In all I find a pad of paper and pen sitting on the desk awaiting my thoughts. I lift 2 or 3 pages write a simple message and replace those pages.
Ideas Worth Spreading

I imagine that a day, week, month or year later, somebody makes a note, picks it up and sees my simple message underneath. I don't need them all to be found or acted on. Just one may make all the difference to that right person, and that is good enough for me.

I would ask others who find themselves in a hotel to take a moment, lift a few pages and leave that simple message for others to find. I may only be able to touch one, but as a group, who knows how far we can reach!