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Cheap clean energy that solves global warming, helps world hunger, affords energy independence, powering homes to whole seaboards

What else does cheap clean energy require or promise the world?
It must be renewable!
No, it must come from a source which renews itself quicker than we draw energy from it.
It must not use up natural resources.
No it must be contained within n enclosed system which loses no resourse.
It must not create waste, either to process fuel for it, in the process itself or after the process is finished.
Okay, given and done.
It must not only beat today's cost of coal but any cost that coal may be dropped to in efforts to be competitive.
Yes! The new system should deliver energy at a cost of .5¢ to 1¢ reliably while coal-powered energy is being delivered at 9.5¢ at this time. (KWHe)
Now it is your turn...
What else should this ideal solution deliver?


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  • Jan 7 2012: Well, perhaps not the first power produced through innovation... but definitely the most prevalent within a few short years.

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