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How can Ireland and its people resolve the current economic and social situation they are faced with?

Ireland, once the beacon and exemplar of western economics; the Celtic Tiger roared through the small Island. However, Ireland's economic miracle was built on sand, and the circumstances for each man women and child in the Country have drastically altered, the IMF now call the financial shots and what once was a booming confidant nation is now, paralyzed with fear for the future, descending into a hole of apathy, or misplaced naive optimism that things 'will be fine if we just keep going'. We are in totally uncharted waters and radical creative solutions are needed to resolve the situation - Ireland is facing 10 years of austerity. "Leaving Ireland is the best thing you can do at the moment if you are responsible for a young family.” Professor Tol, formerly of the ESRI. Stark advice from somebody in the know; are there any alternatives....