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If you could influence this issue, what would you do to drug addicts?

I have a brother who was plagued by addiction for almost 8 years, it was a battle for everyone in the family. I saw him suffering through the addiction, being deported, depressed and our family being ripped apart. If you could influence the destiny of these addicts, what would you do? would you allow them to suffer in jails or would you help rehabilitate them and become better humans? I know how dangerous addicts can be but don't they deserve a chance at life?

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  • Jan 5 2012: Make treatment available, but ultimately, respect their choices.
    I live in city in the middle of the drug wars. When you combine huge cash flows with life and death type power, corruption will sure follow. Institutions, government, human spirit and society as a whole are greatly undermined. I am sympathetic for the suffering of the consumer and his or her family, but truth be told: they finance criminal organizations that undermine the very concept of civility in many parts of the world.
    In its current form, drugs are produced, exported, imported, distributed, cut once, redistributed, cut again and redistributed and recut six times, and sold at the retail level. All is done by criminal organizations that enforce their own rules by corruption and violence. By the measure of value added, the drug industry mostly happens within the borders of rich nations. A gram of xyz will cost twenty times more in the street of a mayor first world city compared to what was paid to the wholesaler on a third world nation. This means that the crime industry is mostly within the rich nations, but in their much bigger economies, the power of the criminals is diluted.
    Drugs are terrible, but the current setup where they are exported from countries like mine by criminals, and those criminals are paid by with guns and ammo is far worse. A marihuana hit is not good for your health, but no one forced it on you. A gram of lead out of the end of a gun will do far more damage to your health. Yet the guns remain legal. This is unacceptable. Americans think of countries like mine as full of criminals, yet gun factories are considered high tech reputable corporations.

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