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If you could influence this issue, what would you do to drug addicts?

I have a brother who was plagued by addiction for almost 8 years, it was a battle for everyone in the family. I saw him suffering through the addiction, being deported, depressed and our family being ripped apart. If you could influence the destiny of these addicts, what would you do? would you allow them to suffer in jails or would you help rehabilitate them and become better humans? I know how dangerous addicts can be but don't they deserve a chance at life?

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  • Jan 5 2012: Drinking is harmful, yet you can drink in your own home or in a bar. As long as you do not mix alcohol and gasoline, you are clear. The same is true for smoking. I have suffered as my father and then my brother slowly consumed to death by smoking induced cancer. Yet you can smoke all you want, but not next to me indoors. With proper age restrictions, you can buy your booze and tobacco at regular stores. These are produced by legitimate enterprises such as Philip-Morris or British Tobacco. It is an issue of consenting adults.
    As long as drugs remain illegal, the will be produced, distributed and sold by criminals. The users are the victims that finance the murders. They must go underground where they can’t be treated.
    Drugs must be legalized and treated as a public health problem. Treating as a state security problem has proven to be ineffective. Jails are busting at the seams and most inmates are there for drug related crimes. These crimes are not only the ones related directly to the buying and selling, but also murder, robbery, attempted murder etc. Many addicts become felons to finance their own habit. Many felons diversify to other criminal rackets. Creating a system of huge profit incentives, and then trying to lock up those that follow the mirage of easy money is NOT working.
    Northern Europe is doing fine with legalized, yet highly restricted drug use. Amsterdam had a problem in the sixties since it was practically the only city in an entire continent that offered legalized drugs, so junkies from all Europe gathered there. Now that there are other places, they seem to be doing fine, and the addicts do not fall under the trap of the mafia and its criminal thugs. The victims do not become victimizers.
    Legalize drugs! Please!

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