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As a trilingual or bilingual, what role does language play in the creation of your identity? Which language do you think in?

I've grown up speaking 3 very diverse languages, I feel that they've created three distinct worlds in me. I find myself moving in and out of not only languages but cultures as well.
What role do languages play in your life? Do you find yourself thinking in more than one language?


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  • Jan 24 2012: I've grown up speaking 7 different languages (and the count is increasing).
    I feel connected wherever I go and it doesn't take me a long while before I start thinking in the language of the place.

    Thinking in different languages is an act that transpires inner beauty and lets your mind capture the underlying essence of all differing opinions and cultures, while at the same time letting you explore the iridescence of the mind space! It simply makes you a better person! I feel that thinking in different languages has imparted a certain 'flexibility' to my mind.

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