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The first ever crowd sourced TED talk - you can read and edit this TED 2012 talk

As some of you know, I'm going to give a talk at TED 2012.
My idea is about using crowd wisdom in social networks to think together with others.

Over the last few weeks I have built the presentation with your help (here's a link to a conversation where it all started - http://www.ted.com/conversations/7543/do_you_use_crowd_wisdom_to_thi.html )

My talk contains examples, sentences and even jokes I got through the wisdom of the crowds, your wisdom.

Now I am proud to present the first and full draft of the text as a Wiki page in Wikipedia:


You are welcome to edit it as you wish. Fix mistakes, add, erase and/or anything that can make the presentation better.

I'll be also very happy to get your feedback in this conversation.



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    Jan 4 2012: Good job, Lior!

    Unfortunately, it will no longer be a surprise when you bring the bull on stage. Maybe TEDsters will look up how much a bull weighs before the talk :D By the way, do you have a back-up plan in case the answers differ too much?
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      Jan 4 2012: Hi Sabin,
      Do you think I should delete this part from the text so that people will be surprised?....
      I do have a backup plan and I'll probably start collecting estimates 24 hours before my talk.
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      • Jan 4 2012: I think it will reach way more than those who contributed so the element of suprise is still there
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        Jan 4 2012: Compliments on the idea Lior. With regard to the bull...leave it in the text. I would be very interested to see how all the crowd sourced efforts worked out whether if I were to be a participant at TED 2012 or see it later in the video. And then there's also the fact that many may not even know about it yet.
        Good luck on the Talk.

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