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The first ever crowd sourced TED talk - you can read and edit this TED 2012 talk

As some of you know, I'm going to give a talk at TED 2012.
My idea is about using crowd wisdom in social networks to think together with others.

Over the last few weeks I have built the presentation with your help (here's a link to a conversation where it all started - http://www.ted.com/conversations/7543/do_you_use_crowd_wisdom_to_thi.html )

My talk contains examples, sentences and even jokes I got through the wisdom of the crowds, your wisdom.

Now I am proud to present the first and full draft of the text as a Wiki page in Wikipedia:


You are welcome to edit it as you wish. Fix mistakes, add, erase and/or anything that can make the presentation better.

I'll be also very happy to get your feedback in this conversation.



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    Jan 4 2012: For some reason the reply button isn't working so I'll answer with another post. I think the idea of crowdsourcing a talk is great, but you of course lose the element of surprise if you lay all your cards on the table.

    I would remove the part announcing that a real bull will enter. Furthermore, I would maybe keep one more thing secret so it will surprise those who read and contributed to the talk and are sure they know what to expect.

    I don't know how much of the TED audience will view the talk prior to the conference but I'd keep some aces up my sleeve (to keep up the cards' metaphors :D)

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