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Can we put together a total impact project, being role models for the island of Kosrae, Micronesia? Education, Cooking Demo, Healthcare...?

The small island of Kosrae, Micronesia is dealing with major health issues due to the change in their diet. Prior to WW II they would fish and eat local foods. Japan took over the island in WW II and introduced white rice. The USA took over the island after WW II and introduced Spam and other processed canned foods. Soda and fried turkey tails are also part of their diet on the island.

Lack of exercise programs and equipment are on the island. I was 2 bikes on the whole island and it is a perfect place to ride bikes. The population is about 7500 people on an island about the size of Disney World.

This island is a perfect "Case Study" to show the rest of the world how you can make a difference. If we could get some people to step up and get involved we could change the future of the island people who have high blood pressure, heart issues and diabetes.

We need a team of experts to come together, Agriculture, Nutrition, Educators, Fitness/Exercise, Medical experts to help address and save the island. I was part of a team of 7 who held a 5K walk and Health Fair October 2011 on Kosrae. 2000 people came, there were all ages who were interested in knowing more about health and what they could do. We had a cooking demo, blood pressure check, blood sugar check, new sports clothes and shoe give away and a Go Local food education stand. We also put on a community wide Hot Hulu exercise program. Woman age 6 - 60 attended the Hot Hulu class while we were in town for a week.

Sustainability and infrastructure is needed as well as a larger delegation to make a lasting impact.

I hope to get some well connect committed experts to join together with me so we can change the future health of Kosrae.

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    Feb 3 2012: Hi Susan I noticed noone commented on your question.

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