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Are humans good or bad?

Good or bad are very broad terms, I know. Most of us would say we're evil mostly because of our ruthlessness to the planet, it's very easy to be harsh on ourselves. On the other hand, (I read this in an article I can no longer find) a Biologist would say it's amazing that a group of men can sit on a plane for hours with one fertile female and everyone walks off unscathed. I'd love to see an overall view from your different perspectives.

A thought of mine was that animals and plants fight for success as a species hence evolution and the reward systems in place so we eat and reproduce. We're programmed to advance humanity as a whole in some ways and look at us - we're brilliant. We certainly are the most successful species on Earth right now, possibly in the Universe. So this is good, isn't it - we won! Obviously, we have a responsibility now with so much intelligence and power. What do you think?


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    Jan 12 2012: Yes, I’m fully aware that some people mentioning my work as Metaphysical and/or PseudoScience on what I’ve done regarding the issues. But as I’ve suggested you to take a look at URL http://bit.ly/xiXqAf - (“Human Consciousness – Definition and relationship with Nature Knowledge”), specially pp 4 – 5 mentioned under the heading “Knowledge Value (KV) measurement” actually is an effort to develop Knowledge Management (KM) metrics to “de-metaphysicalized” the issue

    Our concept of Knowledge Value (KV) measurement applied to Nature as well as Human Knowledge, shown as Knowledge Management (KM) metrics actually derived from our operational Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework applied in the form of an absolute value scaling ratio ranging from 10 -38 (Planck number) applied to Knowon, our newly proposed 5th fundamental force in physics and consecutively KV = 5.0 applied to human Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC) or accumulated to KV = 9.0 as human maximum possible score en route to infinity or goes beyond human KV (“unknown” or “spiritual” domain area). KV is mean to assessing hypothetically the intensity of Nature Knowledge consciousness element factor (CEF) within Knowledge continuum in the Universe (see URL http://bit.ly/rvDQMO- “Knowledge Value (KV)” and http://bit.ly/uH9DCA - “Basic structure of HSBKM model framework” )

    I do agree on what you’ve said that “Humans are born neutral” considering right before born no intervention whatsoever from namely the lower and medium level of consciousness to triggering our free will
    • Jan 13 2012: Huh?

      I was referring to the notion of "spiritual being" as being metaphysical. Your work is clearly out of my pay grade and I would be a fool to claim it wrong or right.

      I am skeptical that you can quantify "knowledge" but by all means give it your best shot.

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