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Are humans good or bad?

Good or bad are very broad terms, I know. Most of us would say we're evil mostly because of our ruthlessness to the planet, it's very easy to be harsh on ourselves. On the other hand, (I read this in an article I can no longer find) a Biologist would say it's amazing that a group of men can sit on a plane for hours with one fertile female and everyone walks off unscathed. I'd love to see an overall view from your different perspectives.

A thought of mine was that animals and plants fight for success as a species hence evolution and the reward systems in place so we eat and reproduce. We're programmed to advance humanity as a whole in some ways and look at us - we're brilliant. We certainly are the most successful species on Earth right now, possibly in the Universe. So this is good, isn't it - we won! Obviously, we have a responsibility now with so much intelligence and power. What do you think?


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  • Jan 11 2012: Humans are not 'good' or 'bad' , we are 'happy' or 'unhappy' :)
    I strongly believe that we can't be happy doing 'bad' things.
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      Jan 11 2012: Dear Natasha,

      From my point of view, there are three pairs of key words used to describe how human choosing their life preferences in the Universe. They are namely “Good or Bad”, “True or False” and “Right or Wrong”. Those three pairs of key words likely to describing human life preferences in Physical Universe, Inner Universe and Divine Universe respectively.
      • Jan 12 2012: Md Santo !
        Thank you very much for the response !
        But I think "three pairs of key words" serve more for the purpose of judgement of human choices, not for the description of those. And Who is to judge ?
        "Only he who understands the whole can also comprehend a part " Can we see the whole ?
        As to my experience , any judgement diminishes my understanding , which is limited by definition :) Maybe you will agree that reality and ' human choices ' as a part of it is better described in terms of ' both/and ' rather than ' either/or.' OK, the direction of human good choices is clearly seen and as we can expect leads - towards greater caring, a lessened regard for material things, a desire to be of service to others, a more integrated awareness... It is a map, "good' "right' , but "black and white' map, it is not reality, it differs from the landscape. Every moment we do our choices, which can be both good and bad, right and wrong. Maybe the thing which makes us feel good and happy and which is really important is our attempt to be 'good' to do 'right' things, but whether they are 'right' or 'wrong' we don't know.
        "It's too early to say !" - was the response of Chinese emperor who was asked to comment on the event which had taken place 200 years earlier ... Still it was too early to say ! :)
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          Jan 12 2012: Natasha,

          Yes, it's difficult for us to see the whole considering we have limitation to judge. And our limitation come from the living reality that we have only, from my terminology, maximum possible score of Knowledge Value (KV) = 9.0 within continuum ranging from 10 -38 (Planck Number) through infinity ( see URL http://bit.ly/s9ZNqR - “Basic structure of HSBKM model framework” )

          Yes, to assess our Knowledge instead of K-mapping we should do also K-audit, KM metrics etc. But anyhow because of our limitation, it's still relative not absolute judgement to know the landscape

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