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Are humans good or bad?

Good or bad are very broad terms, I know. Most of us would say we're evil mostly because of our ruthlessness to the planet, it's very easy to be harsh on ourselves. On the other hand, (I read this in an article I can no longer find) a Biologist would say it's amazing that a group of men can sit on a plane for hours with one fertile female and everyone walks off unscathed. I'd love to see an overall view from your different perspectives.

A thought of mine was that animals and plants fight for success as a species hence evolution and the reward systems in place so we eat and reproduce. We're programmed to advance humanity as a whole in some ways and look at us - we're brilliant. We certainly are the most successful species on Earth right now, possibly in the Universe. So this is good, isn't it - we won! Obviously, we have a responsibility now with so much intelligence and power. What do you think?


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    Basically human beings are good. But, because we have “free will” factor, we could get becoming bad. I’m in agreement with Stephen Covey’s quote saying ...... “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.....”

    Md Santo - http://gravatar.com/mdsanto
    • Jan 9 2012: Please define what a "spiritual being" is
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        The term “human” refers to bio- physical structure comprising the peripheral and autonomic nerve system or senses (as lowest consciousness) and mind brain or central nerve system (as medium consciousness), but the term “spiritual” refers to non bio-physical structure representing our highest consciousness level or conscience

        Because of its highest level, epistemologically the nature of “spiritual” (psycho component) considered as dominator to the nature of “human” (somato component). Therefore “spiritual being” is “human being” with emphasized on their highest consciousness level with consideration that we are psycho-somatic entity creature

        Ref for this short narration among others is URL http://bit.ly/xiXqAf - (“Human Consciousness – Definition and relationship with Nature Knowledge”) and please note on page 4
        • Jan 12 2012: So in short your definition is Metaphysical.

          World English Dictionary
          metaphysical (ˌmɛtəˈfɪzɪk ə l) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

          — adj
          1. relating to or concerned with metaphysics
          2. (of a statement or theory) having the form of an empirical hypothesis, but in fact immune from empirical testing and therefore (in the view of the logical positivists) literally meaningless
          3. (popularly) abstract, abstruse, or unduly theoretical
          4. incorporeal; supernatural

          I encourage the study of what we do not understand. I discourage bold claims in areas that we do not have full understanding.

          That is why I asked what you meant by "spiritual beings".

          I believe Humans are born neutral. We have needs and desires. The acquisition of those needs and desires can be labeled as a good behavior or bad behavior from a second party s point of view. All people display good and bad behavior.
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          Jan 12 2012: Md Santo,
          The view you try to express in your posts are most similar to mine but I find the way you try to quantify it all a bit confusing. I visited the pages you refer to without being informed about your scheme. I see knowledge value KV without any explanation about what knowledge has to stand for or who or what knows. I do understand that information is the base of creation, I understand the Universe to be all-knowing and human consciousness limited in space-time but can't put this in numbers.

          What do I miss? Where does intuition come in?
        • Jan 12 2012: Hi, Md Santo !
          You said :"The term “human” refers to bio- physical structure.... but the term “spiritual” refers to non bio-physical structure..."
          Etymologically the term ' Human ' refers to both. The fallowing explanation was in one of Kathy K comments, hope she won't mind my quoting :
          'Hu' (or hum, depending on the source) is Sanskrit for "breath", while 'man' (or 'manus', depending on the source) is Sanskrit for "mind",
          therefore the HUman is the combination of the breath (or spirit of God) and the mind (to think).

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