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Food Rationing would be more effective than using Supply and Demand.

I have an extra 30 pounds, cholesterol on the high side, and have to watch my blood pressure. I am not educated about Physics, Chemistry, BioChemistry, Genetics, advanced nutrition, or longevity.

It has been pointed out that 30% of the food on Earth is wasted.
I think all 7,000,000,000 people on the planet should get exactly what nutrition they need, in order to live the longest and healthiest.

No one should be hungry or malnourished!

Personally I would eat goop everyday, as long as it contained everything my body needed so that I could live until I was 1000.

Nutrition should be completely personalized, based on DNA, etc. If my body needed an extra milligram of Riboflavin, it would be there. Nutrition should be perfect for everyone.


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    Jan 5 2012: Well, that's a tangle of ideas. Obesity is a complex issue and not even the experts agree how best to permanently reverse it. Some say diet and exercise, some say that it is more of a hormonal imbalance and genetic disposition. If we can engineer our diets to reverse obesity, and increasing longevity, then it shouldn't be too much harder to make food just as tasty and fulfilling as the food we eat now.

    We will probably have to give up raising animals for meat and instead grow meat artificially. If we did that, it would use 35 to 60 percent less energy, emit 80 to 95 percent less greenhouse gas, and use around 98 percent less land. We could then use that savings to increase food production for those who go hungry. (http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/11/us-science-meat-f-idUSTRE7AA30020111111)

    Rather than ration our food, I'd vote for food being so satisfying and so fulfilling that we stop naturally instead of having someone else prevent us from eating.
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      Jan 5 2012: Best idea so far...now how do we have it happen naturally? Growing meat! Yes! Thank you so much for your comment. Growing meat would be one of the BEST things Humanity could do for itself!

      (but I'm still from the side where a pill-a-day would make me happy, eating takes too much time)

      Mr. Sallume, thank you, for untangling the ideas.

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