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Can we "improve" on the "Golden Rule"?

The Golden Rule is a general principle unlike the 10 Commandments which are a list of prescribed and proscribed behavior. However, it does not appear in the Bible and is commonly said to mean, "Do unto others as they would do unto you."

Is this a good idea? It puts the individual at the center of the universe. It establishes you as the reference frame.

Wouldn't it be simpler just to say, for example, "Be nice" or "Do good" or "Be good" or "Avoid doing evil"? This leaves the individual with an intuitive understanding of what is good or what is right and wrong or what being nice means but it is not centered around you.


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    Jan 3 2012: some people mix up the golden rule and put it as 'treat another instead of yourself' which is what the 'selfless' people do, who somehow see themselves as being unworthy of being treated well by themselves or others, but make no mistake the payoff there is they get to feel massive self pity and feel really sorry for themselves which some people actually get a kick out of. ill be honest i only know because ive been there.

    i believe everyone is doing everything for themselves, which means in one way or another we are doing everything for eachother.

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