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Can we "improve" on the "Golden Rule"?

The Golden Rule is a general principle unlike the 10 Commandments which are a list of prescribed and proscribed behavior. However, it does not appear in the Bible and is commonly said to mean, "Do unto others as they would do unto you."

Is this a good idea? It puts the individual at the center of the universe. It establishes you as the reference frame.

Wouldn't it be simpler just to say, for example, "Be nice" or "Do good" or "Be good" or "Avoid doing evil"? This leaves the individual with an intuitive understanding of what is good or what is right and wrong or what being nice means but it is not centered around you.


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    Jan 3 2012: "do unto others as they would do unto you."

    ive also heard it put as,

    treat another as yourself,
    treat another how you would like to be treated,

    there is a concept of a truth called 'we are all one'
    i say truth because it is true for some people,
    if you can conceive of another person as a part of yourself and not apart from yourself

    of course a majority of people believe in seperation theology, and the concept of we are all one is in unity theology, or oneness theology.

    a quicker way to do this is to see human beings as family, extensions of your family, comprising the entirety of the human race;

    and what you do for one you do for the whole, even at some microscopic level,
    what you do for one part of the human race, you do for the whole human race.

    and if you were in seperation theology it would seem like there are many races, some better than others and some not related or connected to eachother in any way. so what you do to one person, doesn't really matter because they arnt apart of the human race.

    which doesn't make any sense, but none the less, people act this way; its a truth many people have forgotten, which is why there is a world oneness day now so people can remember.

    when you lose sight that we are all in this together, it may look like we are all in this alone.

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