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What is Creativity?

Dear Ted'sters,

I am working on a Project that is based on the Question "What is creativity?"

The internet is full of scinitfic ansawers, but I am intrested in the Personal Opinions of you guys out there?

For Example:

What is creativity in your daily lifes?
What Inspires your creativity?
What kind of thinking makes some people more Creative then others


It would be a great help to me if you could sit down for 5 min an Brainstorm about what Creativity actualy is!

Thank you very much
Best Regards from Hamburg/ Germany



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    Jan 6 2012: For me creativity has to do with challenging the common sense, with experimenting a sense of self challenge, it has to do with the inventive thinking, with the fun spirit of play, with a positive nonconformity, with a desire to see things differently for the sake of it. I see it as a way to explore and exercise our innate curiosity, a way to experiment a deep feeling of discovery, a way to cope with uncertainty and ambiguity, a desire to questioning others and ourselves in search of wonder, a way to 'domesticate' the unexpected.

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