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What is Creativity?

Dear Ted'sters,

I am working on a Project that is based on the Question "What is creativity?"

The internet is full of scinitfic ansawers, but I am intrested in the Personal Opinions of you guys out there?

For Example:

What is creativity in your daily lifes?
What Inspires your creativity?
What kind of thinking makes some people more Creative then others


It would be a great help to me if you could sit down for 5 min an Brainstorm about what Creativity actualy is!

Thank you very much
Best Regards from Hamburg/ Germany



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    Jan 3 2012: conceiving, and comprehending, using imagination, i believe in creative energy that comes from my spirit, i would also say opposite to destructive, yet even that i consider creative because you have to conceive of something destructive you want to do or something you want to destroy which is therefore creative.

    some people are less destructive, and accept that they are creative at some level, some people think they arn't creative at all and deny that they are creative so they are probably more destructive. lol thats my reasoning hope you like it.

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