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Do teachers have unique qualifications and skills that make them role models for their students? How do they develop them?

I think all of us have been influenced by at least one person while our characters have been developing through our lives. And I think a great majority would name his/her teacher among these people who shaped us as our role models.

At this point we realize once more the importance of the quality of people who act as educationists/teachers in the society because they have a great impact on shaping not just one individual but also the whole society.

I'm wondering what specialties or qualifications or behaviors make teachers/educationists accepted as role models. What is the source of power they have that inspires students and shapes them ?

Accordingly I'm looking for answers to these points:

- What specialties/qualifications or behaviors make the teachers accepted as role models- what are the tools of a teacher in being a role model?
- How can teachers/educationists be equipped with these tools?

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated,

Thanks a lot.