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Where do our thoughts come from?

Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Is it simply a matter of the hard wiring of the brain? For example, when an idea comes to you suddenly, where did it come from? Is there more to this than we currently understand?


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  • Mar 12 2011: I tend to think ideas are not our own.
    When comes to quality of thoughts i do belive our mind work in correlation with the rast of our body and environment. destracted, in paece, drugged with coffein.. in presence of inspiring object. all of this will contribute our quality of thinking.
    Information is like building blocks. alot of information is arranged in our mind in changing petterns. we collect a lot of infomation though some informtion have more grasp on us. we are intreged with building blocks that we need in order to fit to our imegenative petternes.

    These petternes i believe are not something we creat on our own.
    i think that some shapes and graphs are so collective that thay are printed in all of us.
    if you take the spirel for exemple. it is a symbol of infinity, also the pettern where we strach our linar history on.
    it is the concept that lead to ritualism. the conceps that the past and future are cycling toward an infinat point.
    the pyramid is anouther petterns that represent Hierarchy. it can be used for social menners, spirtual menners as it can be used for valuating foods,
    if you take the information you have about food into pyramid pettern. youll have an avaluations of it.
    placed into spiral form, youll have ideas about time of harvesting, seasons for food and so on...

    thank you for reading so far:)

    i belive that all tha patterns we have are built in us, reflacted in nature and are very intuative.
    the information we collect and our terms of interest are netural phenomena we are privleged to take part in.

    so when someone comes up with an original idea, what it means to me, is that he have an urge to applay a cirtain pettern to where he find it fit and if there is a real in need, the solution (in idea form) will pop up to intelegence people simultaneously.

    I hope i contributed to you question well.
    thank you all, friends of collective petterns:)

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