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Where do our thoughts come from?

Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Is it simply a matter of the hard wiring of the brain? For example, when an idea comes to you suddenly, where did it come from? Is there more to this than we currently understand?


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    Mar 12 2011: I too have wondered this for long, I even asked this question on a blog -

    Does an idea or a concept orginate or materializes when it comes in a form of a thought or feeling? Or does it exist independently, using us as only medium or vessel to be expressed?

    While conventionally, thoughts and ideas are believed to be a refined manifestation of mental activity, or consciousness, recently a new field of Memetics speaks about how thoughts or ideas transfer and replicate themselves from one being to another via 'memes'. This is analogous to the way genes work. There is a lot of debate and speculation about the credibility of this field. But nonetheless, it is another way of looking and understanding the concept of 'thoughts'.

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