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Where do our thoughts come from?

Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Is it simply a matter of the hard wiring of the brain? For example, when an idea comes to you suddenly, where did it come from? Is there more to this than we currently understand?


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    Mar 4 2011: My first thought: I need to get a cup of coffee to start thinking about this one! :-) Now where did that come from?
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      Mar 4 2011: Julie Ann has asked such a curious question, I love that my brain has dashed off in several directions of how to respond to it! When I lasso the grey matter into some level of logic, I'll come back and contribute. In the meantime, I hope you have fun thinking about it too :)
    • Mar 4 2011: :-) Thanks Laurens and Sherri. Well, I guess some thoughts are more like instincts. For example if I am hungry, I would instinctively find food, even if I could not put the thoughts together. But there is a constant flow of thoughts which we take for granted. They are not physical or are they?
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        Mar 6 2011: I consider my constant flow of thoughts to be like a hamster on a wheel, "Hammy" basically stays on the wheel until a force like biology and the need to eat takes over, once its clear that the need is being met, the wheel starts turning again!

        I've often wished I had an interface with my thoughts that would allow me to print them in real time or share them telepathically but since that's evaded me these past 30 some years, I consider thoughts to lack a physical-ness.

        Now thoughts and action, that's physical!
        • Mar 6 2011: Hi Sherri. Thanks for coming back and sharing. There has been a lot of brain mapping research recently and we may be getting closer to interfacing with a device and also printing off your thoughts. Scary thought!! Some Mindflex games were developed to use one's mind to control a ball. I haven't used one so I am not sure if it works.

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