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Where do our thoughts come from?

Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Is it simply a matter of the hard wiring of the brain? For example, when an idea comes to you suddenly, where did it come from? Is there more to this than we currently understand?


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  • Mar 4 2011: You attract your thoughts based on the vibration at which you are currently emitting. You can only attract similar vibrational thoughts within a certain range so, if you are sad, thoughts of joy are not available to you, but thoughts of being less sad may be. As thoughts "occur" to us - they are in fact fully formed and are not created by us. All thoughts that were ever thought - still exist - so you can image a "gene pool" of possible thoughts - however, only those thoughts close to your current vibration are possible for you to attract into your consciousness. For more information and much better explanation see Abraham-Hicks site.
    • Mar 4 2011: Hi Matt, there are some interesting ideas here. I guess its like a radio, tuned to a certain frequency. Similar frequencies are allowed through. Also interesting is the idea that all thoughts continue to exist. How and in what form? Interesting concepts.
      • Mar 7 2011: A radio is a good anaolgy. Thoughts are consciousness and are the building blocks for all materialized matter. So as (vibrationally) like thoughts attract each other they group together - a bit like 'dust bunnies' (although I am not sure this is a good description). It is interesting to note that manifested conciousness (or our reality) also works in the same way. We ALWAYS get (receive) the exact equivalent of what we put out (emit) - so what we experience - be it thought, dream or reality - is experienced as a direct consequence of what thoughts we focus our conciousness on (that's what our ego does - it is the focuser). Thoughts come and go (pop in and pop out) but we select the ones we focus on and that in turn tunes us - effecting how we emit. So it REALLY matters what you think. Thoughts that benefit you will always feel good and those that don't will always feel bad. So feel your way around the thoughts you think (or receive) and spend time focused on those that make you feel good. The more time you spend focused on a thought - the more thoughts you will attract that are similar in vibration - focus on those thoughts that feel best and disregard those that don't make you feel good. This way you consciously affect your reality by tuning your emitted vibration.
        • Mar 8 2011: Good thoughts to live by - thanks Matt. I think this also falls with the scope of positive thinking.
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      Mar 4 2011: Doris Lessing explored this a good deal in "The Four-Gated City"; I saw a lot of truth in what she had to say, though I take "vibration" as a metaphor.

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