Joachim Sallsten

PMO & CIO Strategy, Nobel Biocare

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My idea is to connect young people and old people using existing internet platforms to resolve youth unemployment globally.

How we can use the internet for the greater good of mankind to distribute information, collaborate and communicate the positive ideas using the free virtual world as our platform to create real change in the real world as we come together as no race, gender, age, religion stand between our happiness. Internet of things, cloud services, and apps bring innovation and allow us to discover ideas and technology at a faster pace than ever before. My idea is to connect young people and old people using existing platforms to: Resolve youth unemployment, share experience and knowledge in 2 way communication, give people with time to spend a chance to collaborate for mankind. We are free in the virtual world to collaborate and be creative to solve problems in games.

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    Jan 3 2012: That is wonderful idea Joachim. It will be great to address the problem of youth unemployment, but there is one more issue that can be addressed by experienced people like you, it is problems in the lives of already employed youth. Today's youth loose their focus quite early in their lives when it comes to making a career. They like something in the beginning, and after sometime, they starting feel like, No this is not what I want to do in rest of my life. I will request you to consider this class also.
  • Jan 3 2012: I think that the way to connect people lies upon
    1. creating a reliable and healthy way of communication
    2. bind people under a single purpose, or goal
    3. allow those individuals to freely express themselves.

    I think there is a slight language barrier between the older and younger generation (especially on the web). There is also great differences in likes/dislikes, opinions, and aspirations which might make #2 more challenging. #3 would be depended directly upon the way the platform that each party is using is designed: something that can have a tremendous impact.